Director / Editor

James Uren is passionate about using the latest technology for storytelling. He has been making films for over 15 years, working in a variety of roles on productions for commercial clients and funded independent film. After graduating from Cambridge with a Masters in Engineering, he started out in the industry as an engineer in the early days of high-end digital acquisition (Codex Digital). Alongside this he gained feature film experience as a sound designer (Dressing Granite, 2007) and editor (Law and War in Rural Kenya, 2010), while making his own short films. In 2011 James started working in 3D stereoscopic and went on to win awards for his first dramatic short film (Special Mention Best Short Film, Dogville, Barcelona and 3D Innovation Award New Media Film Festival, LA). As 3D’s popularity faded, he moved to science and technology documentary. His series of films, Rise of the Thinking Machines were funded by Cambridge University and have screened at more than ten international festivals, picking up an award at BAFTA for Best Film in Research 2018. James now works as a Technical Director specialising in Virtual Production and has a number of projects in development and a new short in post-production - all that utilise emerging technology in storytelling.


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